CHEM 1000 WT – Clear


High Performance Low Viscosity Polyaspartic Coating System Flooring System

2 gallons

CHEM 1000 WT is a two component (1A: 1B) polyaspartic coating system with very low odor. CHEM 1000 WT is used as a basecoat (colored) and as a clear topcoat having a common catalyst for both coats. High solid content versions (80 and 90) are available as well as a version with extended working time (WT version FOR WORKING TIME) it is dry to the touch after about 60-80 minutes at room temperature allowing application in only one day of work as well as very fast commissioning. When the outside and floor temperature is particularly cold, excellent results will be obtained with the CHEM 1000 WT. The product has superior chemical and mechanical properties and is very easy to maintain. The product provides an impeccable aesthetic finish and unprecedented long-term resistance to UV rays. We recommend the use of CHEMTEC flakes with CHEMTEC products. Two or three layer systems can be considered.



- VOC Exempt
- High solids content ~ (80%, 90%)
- Low odor version also available
- Possibility of LEED eligibility
- Very high resistance to yellowing (UV rays) and impacts
- Easy-to-use 1: 1 system, common part B for base and top coat
- Possibility of installation of base and top coats in a single working day
- A WT working time version is available and provides a working time of approximately 25 minutes under normal conditions
- Possibility of obtaining very high coverage rates as needed
- Summer and winter versions available for optimal working and drying time
- Possibility of obtaining very high or lower coverage rates as needed

- Two or three layer system possible

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 in

Clair/Clear, Gris Pale/Light Grey, Blanc/White, Beige


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