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We offer epoxy-based products, whether :

For residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use.

Epoxy trainings

We offer 5 different complete trainings with epoxy products.


LIquid and polyaspartic EPOXY
metallic powders and translucent colors

Visit our epoxy online store page to purchase our featured epoxy-based coating products for both residential and commercial use.

CHEMTEC Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy & Cie Canada is proud to offer our customers through our epoxy online store the high-end products of CHEMTEC Epoxy Coatings, which is a major supplier of high-end liquid coatings, including several lines of epoxy and concrete, rubbers with the best quality in the industry! CHEMTEC specializes in the distribution of epoxy products intended for finishing floors and other surfaces. We have had over a decade of expertise in the application of coatings and have the best range of products on the market. CHEMTEC has delivered innovative solutions to extend the life of parking structures, stadiums, garages, basements, and many other facilities. All Chemtec products are manufactured in-house at our factory under rigorous quality control programs. CHEMTEC has a wide range with more than 300 products recognized in the industry. Our business is expanding and offering several types of training! In addition, we have a specialized line of liquid coating products for cabinetmakers, woodworkers and artists. CHEMTEC is the benchmark for all your epoxy-based multi-surface coatings at the residential, commercial and industrial level!
Choose from our resins, flakes, metallic, Quartz, pearl, rubber, concrete and a wide choice of colors for your floors, furniture, river table and interior and exterior surface coating. The best quality in the industry! Delivery available for our wide range of epoxy products across Canada. Also our innovative ecological paving solution with our ECO PAVING products. What about our CHEM LINER liquid vehicle protective coating. We have a complete line of self-leveling concrete: SCHÖNOX. Our complete range of RAMUC epoxy pool paint. Our cleaners and protective sealer for ceramic and paving stones! In addition, we are the exclusive distributors of US Abrasives grinders and polishers and Pulse-Bac vacuums!

-Complete cabinetmaking line or more as needed!
-River-Tables products!
-35 metallic colors
-12 translucent colors
-Epoxy floors
-Flakes, 42 kinds
-Self-leveling concrete
-Rubbers; EPDM
-High-range Pulse-Bac sweeper
-US Abrasives grinder and polisher.

COVERTEC Multi-Surface Protective Cleaner And Sealer

Epoxy & Cie Canada is proud to be the official and exclusive supplier in Canada of CoverTec products! Sealer for ceramics and paving stones as well as cleaning soaps and grout !! ConverTec is an American manufacturer and distributor of flooring, floor cleaners and waterproofing products. CoverTec products are primarily used in flooring applications, waterproofing roofs and walls, and for industrial and commercial maintenance. Our multi-surface protective coating products, paver sealer and cleaners can be applied to a variety of substrates including concrete, wood, tile, stone, brick, metal, vinyl, rubber and asphalt. aged. In addition, CoverTec sells all the accessories to apply its products! More details on COVERTEC or by email: epoxyetciecanada@gmail.com


Epoxy & Cie Canada offers you an Eco Paving solution that is both ecological and affordable. Eco paving is a product, permeable and requires no maintenance. Need a rejuvenation for your exterior surfaces, renovate your cracked asphalt driveway that is starting to fade. The products we offer in recycled rubber are ideal for paving your driveway, sidewalks, pool area, balcony, gallery, patio, play areas, and even your garage floor. Easy to clean with non-slip properties, it is very safe for children and the elderly in addition to being decorative thanks to its choice of colors! More details on ÉCO PAVING or by email: epoxyetciecanada@gmail.com


Epoxy & Cie Canada is proud to be the exclusive distributor for all of Canada of US Abrasives products! US Abrasives has been a leader for over 30 years with its team of professionals in the concrete polishing industry specializing in diamond tooling. We bring you high-end products at low prices and process premium raw materials to produce diamond tools to match your machines and help you achieve your concrete polishing goals. Epoxy & Cie Canada offers you a wide range of products, from high performance wheels, grinding plates, sanding discs and polishing pads to the best deals on concrete sanding and polishing machines as well as products chemicals and vacuum cleaners. More details on US ABRASIVE GRINDER AND POLISHER Ask about our financing and lease plans at epoxyetciecanada@gmail.com


Epoxy & Cie Canada epoxy online store is honored to become the official distributor for Pulse-Bac vacuums the professional’s choice. Durable steel construction and American-made reliability make Pulse-Bac vacuums the professional’s choice. Pulse-Bac has 15 years of experience on construction sites across the United States to prove it! Pulse-Bac is the self-cleaning vacuum cleaner. Other vacuums may claim to have pulse cleaning, but look and you will see that they are far from the original. These high-performance vacuums are made at their factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not far from where it all began. All of their employees are enthusiastic about ensuring that the products they manufacture and the service they provide exceed your expectations. More details on PULSE-BAC VACUUM Ask about our financing and leasing plans at epoxyetciecanada@gmail.com