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Once you purchase the online training, we will contact you promptly to provide you with exclusive access to the online demo.

Are you considering launching a new business in a thriving sector? Or perhaps, do you aim to expand your existing enterprise by offering new products to your clientele? EPDM rubber surfacing or Rubber paving training could be the perfect solution for you!

An online demonstration is available at a rate of $395.00 + taxes, divided into two modules: theoretical and practical. This serves as the initial step toward accessing hands-on training in person or availing yourself of rubber surfacing training opportunities.

Once you purchase the online training, we will contact you promptly to provide you with exclusive access to the online demo.

For individuals embarking on a new business endeavor or pursuing a personal DIY project, EPDM rubber surfacing training serves as an excellent starting point. With minimal startup costs, it provides versatile installation options, including pool areas, balconies, steps, gym floors, indoor garages, and more.

In contrast, rubber paving, known for its eco-friendly driveway applications, demands more equipment, comprehensive training, and higher startup expenses compared to EPDM rubber surfacing. Nevertheless, for those aiming to specialize in an innovative paving method, this training opens up promising opportunities within this thriving industry.

The theoretical part will teach you:

  • Characteristics of EPDM rubber surfacing
  • Characteristics of Rubber paving
  • Differences between EPDM and recycled CSBR rubber
  • Characteristics of synthetic EPDM granules
  • Characteristics of recycled CSBR granules
  • EPDM installation method
  • Visual representation of Rubber paving installation
  • How to choose the right granule
  • Risks of using inappropriate rubber granules
  • Various types of binders and their attributes
  • Binder dosage and application
  • The importance of priming the surface
  • The purpose of trowel lubricant
  • How to make your installation waterproof
  • Required safety equipment
  • How to repair a poured-in-place rubber surface
  • How to prepare a surface before EPDM installation
  • How to calculate the material needed for an installation
  • Basic tools required to install an EPDM rubber surface
  • How to promote your business in poured rubber installation

The practical part will teach you:

  • Which mixer to use for proper blending
  • The right ratio of granules to binder
  • How to prepare the granule mixture
  • Basic principles for a successful mixture
  • How to prepare the matrix
  • Matrix application method
  • The correct amount of matrix to apply
  • Mistakes to avoid when applying the matrix
  • How and where to apply the primer
  • Principle of granule installation on stairs
  • The two-trowel method
  • Mistakes to avoid during granule installation
  • How to install granules vertically
  • How to install granules on bullnoses
  • How to repair imperfections
  • How to perform the final compression
  • Principle of granule installation on a flat surface
  • How to apply primer on a flat surface
  • How to apply granules on a flat surface
  • How to use trowel lubricant
  • Principle of the “Tic Tac Toe” compression method
  • Different finishes for pool edges

We are aware of the risks involved in entering this field and the costly mistakes that can follow. Many have tried, thinking that installing rubber was child’s play. That’s why we created this online demonstration, to provide you with the tools you need to avoid making the same mistakes. You will learn the basics of rubber, where to install it and where not to, the tools you need, installation methods, and much more.

Items included in the toolbox and materials kit.

  • Marshalltown trowel 16’’x4’’ rounded/square
  • 1 trowel 10’’x3’’
  • 1 square trowel 5’’x2’’
  • Wooden step kit
  • 2 bags of EPDM granules
  • Binders for mixing
  • Matrix powder container (for vertical)
  • Trowel lubricant
  • Buckets of different sizes
  • Lubricant roller
  • Primer roller

This option to purchase a kit for $250.00 + tax is designed for those who want to practice installing in the comfort of their home or are unable to attend our Training Center in Laval, Quebec. When you check ‘yes’ to this request, an invoice will be sent to you, including the delivery charges to your home. Once the invoice is paid, your kit will be sent out as soon as possible.