Universal repairing mortar PL SHONOX


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Universal repairing mortar
sturdy, resin-modfied cement based levelling mortar and plaster. For filling holes and slots on walls and floors. Applicable in thicker layers as repairing-, smoothing and levelling compound. High physical properties. Low stress. For layer thickness from 1-10 mm without bulking material. Extendable for layer thickness up to 30 mm.
For internal and external use.


Product characteristics
- EMICODE EC 1PLUS: very low emission
- very sturdy
- waterproof
- hydraulic setting
- rapid setting and hardening
- high level of hardness and strength
- suitable for application on subfloor heating systems
- synthetic resin-modified
- low tension/stress
- extendable without loss of strength for higher layerthickness
- suitable for castor wheels loading with layer-thickness more than 2,0 mm according to EN 12 529
- low in chromate according to REACH

SCHÖNOX PL is suitable for levelling,smoothing and repairing of:
- concrete (at least 3 months old)
- aerated concrete
- cement plaster, lime-cement plaster (CS II, CS III of CS IV according to EN 998-1, compression strength ≥ 2,5 N/mm²)
- masonry
- cement and rapid cement screeds
- calcium sulphate based screeds
- old ceramic coverings
- old substrates with old water-resistant adhesive residues


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