Schönox US self-leveling concrete


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Self-leveling cement-based compound suitable for cement and plaster-based substrates. Can be installed from 1/8 “to 3”. Up to 40 min. pot life. Ready to recoat after about 4-24 hours at 1/4 inch. Designed for quick leveling in indoor and outdoor areas.



Schönox US is designed for rapid leveling, filling and smoothing on various interior and exterior substrates. It is suitable for:

* Soft coatings

* Wood floor, layer thickness of at least 1/4 "• Ceramic tiles and stone

* Concrete and cement substrates

* Gypsum substrates

* OSB board, plywood

* Old substrates, such as ceramic tile and terrazzo

* Old water resistant adhesive residue

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Dimensions 3 in


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